Shakespeare Globe Wedding Photography

Shakespeare Globe Wedding Photography

Jenni and Rich had a Shakespeare Globe Wedding full of energy, laughter and a few (nice) tears.  They are one of the nicest, down-to-earth couples I know and so to not just be invited but to be giving “free artistic reign” as part of their day was a huge honour.  I met them at Sophie & Adam’s Cool Altitude 360 Wedding way back when I first started. In fact, Rich is Sophie’s cousin and so to be back amongst familiar faces always feel’s like being back amongst friends! The day started at the Park Plaza in Westminster Bridge with both Jenni and Rich getting ready surrounded by their family and closest friends.  Speaking of friends, Jenni’s had taken her on a surprise trip to Vegas for her hen do, complete with making her dress up in an Elvis costume, how cool is that?? I always love the getting ready period, it’s a great way of settling into the day and everybody getting comfortable with me being around.  Especially enjoyed this wedding’s getting ready time as I was able to cover both Bride and Groom and with Jenni & Rich’s friends, there was a lot of quality banter and laughs.  From there it was off to the ceremony for a very emotional ceremony – cue: Big Smiles and Big Tears!!!! Then everybody hoped on some vintage London Double Decker Buses for a short ride up to Shakespeare’s Globe.   The venue downstairs looked stunning but even more than that was the party that was about to follow.  If you’ve ever been to a Jewish wedding you’ll know this is the bit where there’s some dancing, chairs and it gets a bit rowdy.  Well, this went MENTALLLLLL and in an EPIC way.

Honestly got to say it was some of the most fun I’ve had at a wedding, I feared for my life a couple of times, I feared for the bride and groom’s a bit more – have a look at the photos to see what I mean- HAHAHA!!! In all honesty, though, it was amazing to see how much fun everyone was having and to be able to be a part of it was a huge privilege, the memory of this wedding will live on for a while.  Congratulations Jenni & Rich, and thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day and just trusting me to do my thing and capture some memories for a lifetime.  You, your family and your friends all ROCK!!!! Here are some highlights from the day…..

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Shakespeare Globe Wedding Photos 1
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Groom Chair Dance
Shakespeare Globe Wedding Photos 6
Shakespeare Globe Wedding Photos 5
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