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One of the perks of being a Dorfold Hall wedding photographer, is being invited to some of the best properties in the country; and right up there is Dorfold Hall. I’ve been privileged to shoot a number of weddings here, yet every time I’m struck by its beauty and majesty; making it one of the leading wedding venues in Cheshire.

Take a look at Jess and Ed’s wedding and then Ellie and Dan. Both had very different Dorfold Hall weddings but both were amazing days. We captured both weddings on Photo and Film so make sure you grab a glass of something cold and sit back and watch the film and take in the images.

I’m often asked what makes a wedding venue special. With its sprawling gardens, rich history, inspiring interiors, and great customer service, Dorfold Hall has it all. As someone who knows the venue well, here’s a few reasons to host your wedding day here…

There’s something reassuringly British and prestigious about an estate that was built for royalty. In case you didn’t know, Dorfold Hall is a grade 1 listed Jacobean house, that was built for King James to visit. It’s rich history spans back to the 1600s, and is traceable to the family that still owns it today. As a family run business, you get a sense of real pride from the owners, with plenty of personal touches that make a wedding day so special.

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One of Cheshires newest Wedding Venues

I can say with some confidence that capturing Dorfold Hall Wedding Photography is a wedding photographer’s dream! It has plenty of stunning backdrops from its perfectly manicured gardens, to its grand rooms.

The light here is also fabulous. It bounces off the buildings and captures the architecture in all its glory. Yet the building itself never takes centre stage, always putting the happy couple firmly in the frame.

Manicured and impeccable, Dorfold Hall’s grounds are the perfect setting for wedding photography. There’s a circular courtyard, which gives an intimate feel to Wedding Photography at Dorfold Hall – the ideal place for groups shots.

There’s also plenty of private coves where the happy couple can be photographed. The lake is one of my favourite spots, with crystal clear water and luscious shrubbery, possessing a certain romance about it.

Pembroke Lodge - Richmond  Wedding VenuePembroke Lodge - Richmond  Wedding Venue

An Amazing Wedding Venue In Any Season

The wedding breakfast and reception will likely to place inside Dorfold Hall, and there’s no end of opportunity for breath-taking photos here too.

Carved wooden walls with paintings of regal figure provide a charming background for all those magical moments. Rooms are immaculately decorated with flowers, candles and original furnishings, that always bring wedding photos to life.

If your wedding party stays here, you’ll be able to enjoy the cottages and rooms in all their splendour. With original oak furnishings, wooden beams and beds so comfortable you won’t want to leave; many parties have told me how much they’ve enjoyed their stay. Not just fit for a King, I’d say that Dorfold Hall is fit for a Prince and Princess about to make their special vows too!

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