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We are an award-winning creative Cheshire Wedding Photographer & Cheshire Wedding Videographer team who cover Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottingham, Yorkshire and the whole of the UK. Plus much further a field with about 10 destination weddings a year. We want our couples to enjoy their wedding day trusting we will be able to creatively and passionately get the imagery and film they want. As an example we have a few selected posts from our blog below from our travels around the World but especially the great Cheshire Wedding Venues like Dorfold Hall and Middleton Lodge. Feel free to have a look and if you like what you see, please get in contact. When you look at our work we hope that you’ll consistently see creative and relaxed photography. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to be part of your day we don’t think you’ll be able to find another Cheshire Wedding Photographer & Cheshire Wedding Videographer Team who’ll be as creative and passionate to create real honest authentic yet stylish and stunning Wedding photos.


We pride ourselves on offering something different when making wedding images. It's not about a cookie cutter approach. It's about getting to know our couples and what's important to them. Building a rapport so we're like friends on the day who just blend into the action. Then using our skills and creativity to craft authentic, creative and awesome images that help you relive the moments, see how much fun everybody had and just how good everyone looked, including you! It's why we're consistently voted by our couples amongst the best wedding photographers in the UK.

Sometimes it's hard to describe what exactly you're looking for in your wedding photography or wedding videography.  With social media displaying 1000's of images a day and all the buzz words: reportage, documentary, portrait, traditional. Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint what you're after.  That's why we try not to limit our style to one category.  Every couple is different so with our unique approach of getting to know you we'll find that perfect mix of capturing the moments as they occurred, a few portraits and those stunning scene setters that everyone wants to hang on their wall.  An approach that's unique for you.

Our style doesn’t naturally fit into one particular genre of photography or film. However, we are both drawn to emotion and energy whilst trying to creative images or film that look artistic. We always try to incorporate some of these things whether conscious or unconsciously in the images and film we create. Sometimes this is inspired by the location, the scene or the couples themselves, other times we bring some of that magic ourselves whether that be through the use of lighting or seeking out creative angles.

We approach Cheshire wedding photography with an artistic, yet photojournalistic eye to tell the unique story of your day in a way that is creative and memorable. Nothing contrived or nothing cheesy. We are not just paying attention to the obvious things that are happening, we are also watching the surroundings to see what would otherwise go uncaptured. People laughing, people crying, the anticipation, the excitement, the nervousness, the silence, the dancing... This means your wedding memories are so much fuller because you will see and more importantly feel what it felt like to be at your wedding. Weddings are filled with all kinds of expressions of emotions and we are here to document it for you.


Your relations as a couple is unique. As is your wedding day. The pre-wedding shoot is our chance to get to know you both, see how you interact with each other and really listen to what's important to you and your wedding. We'll also show you; how easy it is to get great images and film and how quick we can work around you. So whether you're used to being on camera or not, come the wedding day you'll be able to relax knowing you can be yourself, enjoy the day and trust us to get the images and film. We'll be capturing everything that's important to you.

Pre-wedding shoot in Cyprus
Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in Iceland
Pre-wedding shoot in London


Your day will go by in such a blur so we want to craft work that helps you relive it time after time, year after year. For us, it's all about authenticity and genuine moments. Capturing emotional stories full of love, happiness, melancholy joy and everything in between. Moments that will genuinely mean something, that will make you both laugh and make you both cry, that make your heart sing. You will never get bored of looking at and excited to share with others for years and years to come.

Jewish wedding
Cheshire Wedding Photography
Cheshire Wedding Photography
Italy wedding


We pride ourselves on being artists and bringing creativity and flair on capturing your wedding day. We don't just want to blend in, although we will do this for huge parts of the day. We wont just point and shoot, we want to create images and film that will make you go "wow", impress your friends and family and make you feel like we were an investment worth making. We believe we produce images and film that are timeless and will invoke emotion and memories for many years, memories of wonder and memories of amazement.

Destination Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding videographer
Destination Wedding videographer


Dorfold Hall Wedding

Dorfold Hall is a Grade I listed Jacobean mansion in Acton, Cheshire. Considered to be one of the finest Jacobean houses in the county. Nestled in nearly 1000 acres of idyllic English countryside, the beautifully restored 17th century stately has an unmistakably contemporary feel. Situated just outside the Cheshire market town of Nantwich, 90 minutes from London by train and 30 miles from Manchester Airport, Dorfold Hall is quintessentially English. Dorfold Hall estate could be your own private country retreat to relax, celebrate, and escape the everyday. A must visit wedding venue for any type of bride and groom!

Middleton Lodge Wedding
Middleton Lodge is a private Georgian country estate near Richmond. The main house is available for exclusive hire as your own country mansion. The Coach House restaurant with rooms is now open within the Georgian estate as a chic country retreat. Set in the North Yorkshire countryside, Middleton Lodge has two individual wedding venues located on its grounds. Choose from the 18th century Main House, full of its original Georgian grandeur or just a five minute walk away is the wonderfully romantic Fig House, with views across the restored Walled Garden. If you’re thinking of a Cheshire Wedding, this place is a must see!

From the moment we met Mick and Ash, it was clear we were working with a very Cheshire Wedding Photography team and there is no doubt they contributed significantly to the success and joy of our wedding. From their creativity and ability to capture magical photos and film to their professional, caring and approachable attitude. Working with them was beyond a pleasure. They used their experience and talent to facilitate and enhance our own vision resulting in the most stunning photographs and film. They felt like a friend with a camera and we love them!!

abbie &  alastair - 2019


Videography in Cheshire Wedding
Videography in Cheshire Wedding
Photography in Cheshire Wedding
Photography Wedding Cheshire
Photography Wedding Cheshire
Videography Wedding Cheshire

MIKI Studios is the best wedding photographer and Videographer in the market without a doubt. From the very beginning they were attentive, caring and it was clear they had a huge passion for detail. On the day it was like having two extra guests as they fitted in so well, and even to this day (nearly a year later) they continue to make us feel loved and appreciated. Every picture captured true emotion and fun exactly what we wanted, and the wedding video is a dream.
Homun and David - 2018

Cheshire Wedding Photography
Wedding in Cheshire


We want you to fully relax and enjoy your wedding day from start to finish. That way you can trust us to be passionate and creative in crafting wedding imagery that documents your Cheshire Wedding day in a unique and authentic way: imagery that 'wows' your family and friends, shows how much fun everybody had, and helps you relive those 'priceless moments' for years and years to come.

We're a Top UK Cheshire Wedding Photography and Cheshire Wedding Videography Studio who aim to provide the best photography or film for your wedding day. No couple or wedding are the same, so it's our personal approach that makes us unique, but it's our work that will makes your images stand out. This is our passion, this is our craft. We put our heart and soul into everything we deliver.

Cheshire Wedding Photographer
Cheshire Wedding Photographer
MIKI Studios captured the essence, energy, colour, theme, and people in a way that brings all the images and film together into a fantastic story of our day. This is why we were so happy we chose Mick and Ash. They delivered incredible images and film that will blow our socks off. They were invisible the whole day yet took photos and films that captured so many amazing reactions from our guests you would think there are ten of them. Bad photos and film can ruin weddings, MIKI Studios will leave us smiling forever.
GEORGIE and mitul - 2018


Award winning  Cheshire Wedding Videographer
Top Cheshire Wedding Photography
Best Cheshire Wedding Videographer
Award winning Cheshire Wedding Videographer
Best Cheshire Wedding Photography
Award winning Cheshire Wedding Videographer


If you are looking for a Cheshire Wedding Photographer or Cheshire Wedding Videographer we would love to hear your story and your plans. Our offering is totally bespoke so we will respond individually to your enquiry with a tailored package for your wedding. No two weddings are the same and therefore no two response are same. We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach and we believe it shows though in our work. When you look at two weddings side by side, the will look and feel different. That’s because we spend time getting to know and understand your personalities so we can deliver something that we will know you and your family and friends will cherish love and enjoy for a lifetime.

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