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Symbolically the country of love, France has always been one of the most desirable locations in the world for a destination wedding. So where better to celebrate your love for each other and start your married life. This is why we always adore returning to capture wedding photography in France.

So, whether you’re thinking of a romantic elopement in Paris, partying all night with your family and friends in your own chateau, saying ‘I do’ amongst the vineyards or walking arm in arm through a cobbled village to be married in a pretty chapel. France never fails to deliver on beautiful fairy-tale weddings.

One of the many things we love about shooting France wedding photography is the amazing variety of landscapes that make breath-taking backdrops in our images. Lavender fields, miles of vineyards, dramatic mountain ranges, peaceful lakes, beautiful bays, hills covered in Cypress trees, the gentle beauty of the riverways, the dramatic wild and rocky coastline in the north in contrast to the glamorous beach resorts of the south.

So, if you’ve already settled on having your wedding in France then enjoy your planning. As if anybody could fail to enjoy planning a wedding in France. And when you’ve found that perfect French wedding location and venue. You’ll be looking for a France wedding photographer. Feel free to get in touch.

Nous aimerions connaître vos projets de mariage.

Translation - We’d love to hear about your wedding plans.


When we shoot wedding photography in France, we like to get there a few days before the wedding to mitigate any flight disruptions. This gives us a chance to familiarise ourselves with our clients chosen location and venue.

We also use this time to scout a few locations for the pre-wedding shoot or a nice location for portraits if this is important to the couple. We always love doing a mini pre-wedding shoot before the wedding at either sunrise or sunset. This gives you another set of great images and also takes some pressure off you on the wedding day. As we want you to enjoy the day with your guests. Take a look at this romantic sunset image of Sally and Sylvian, whose wedding day in Provence was photographed and filmed by us.

We also love attending the pre-wedding drinks or pool party and BBQ. We find that hanging out with your friends and family before the wedding takes us from the sidelines to being part of your wedding. Plus, it allows us to work out who are the key members of the family and watch the dynamics between the couple and their guests.

This gets you and your guests used to us so that when it comes to photography and filming your wedding day everybody totally relaxes around us and the cameras. We find this approach gives us more authentic and emotive images. As we capturing your wedding from the centre and not as onlookers.

When we shot Rhiannon and Brutus’s wedding at a traditional farmhouse in Le Village Larroque, we were sure to get images of Brutus and his groom's parties preparations captured just as much as Rhianannon’s. Taking a shave in a stream is the perfect wake me up on the morning of your wedding way. Here take a look!

Because we work as a team providing you with a one-stop-shop for wedding photography and videography, we are well suited to shooting destination weddings. We’re so used to working together that it is second nature. Each of us knows precisely what the other is trying to achieve, moving around your wedding unobtrusively in our documentary style. Booking us means that’s one less supplier for you to find and trust!

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French weddings, like UK weddings, cover so many different regions each with its own distinctive style and character. For warmer climates head south to Marseille, Toulouse and Bordeaux regions. On the coast, you find the French Riviera with its glamorous towns such as Saint Tropez and Cannes and the elegant city of Nice. A little inland you’ll find Provence with its diverse landscapes and endless sunshine not to mention the beautiful Chateau de Robernier, one of our favourite French wedding venues.

Then there’s the atmospheric and historically rich fortified city of Carcasonne. In the South West is the beautiful Dordogne region with its golden stone buildings, endless lavender fields and olive groves, stunning villages and medieval castles.

Some couples choose to get married in the Alps where there are countless stunning ceremony locations whether you choose to say your vows in front of a waterfall, in a forest, by a stunning alpine lake or on top of a mountain. Each season offering you a different array of textures and colours as your background.

While the North has Paris, a city that needs no introduction and is very popular for elopement weddings not to mention the Ritz Paris, a wedding venue that was a massive bucket list item for us. Normandy has gorgeous countryside, coastline, woodlands and a rich history evidenced by its many ancient towns, churches and castles. Brittany is France’s most northwestern region and is a hilly peninsula with a rugged coastline dotted with chic resorts and walled towns.

In France, everybody must marry in the local town hall before enjoying their reception elsewhere. When we photographed Berenger and Justin’s gorgeous DIY wedding in Allonville, the boys travelled from the ceremony to the reception on bikes that had been customised for their wedding. It was a great touch and fun to capture.

Pre-wedding shoot in france
Pre-wedding shoot in france
French pre-wedding shoot
Pre-wedding shoot in france
Pre-wedding shoot in france
Bride and Groom spraying champagne in France


As wedding photographers in France, we notice quite a few difference to Italian weddings or Spanish weddings. The first is the food and drink. In our opinion, a wedding in France always seems to have the best food and drink. All the guests comment on how much they love the food and who is ever going to turn down a glass of cold fizzy Champagne.

Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in France
Pre-wedding shoot in London


Hopefully, by now you can see what when we capture wedding photography in France we pride ourselves on making sure we capture the essence of what a wedding in France feels like to people that didn’t make the wedding. Whether that’s the natural beauty in the moments or the sense. We always keep an eye on looking for a joyful gran or a teary mum and capturing that moment in the most special way. Whilst we are documentary wedding photographers at heart, we always make sure you look good and captured in the most flattering way possibe.

Pre-wedding shoot in Cyprus
Pre-wedding shoot in Cyprus
Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in Iceland
Pre-wedding shoot in London
wedding photography in France


When we capture wedding photography in France we always make sure we get involved with the wedding. We are not the type of people who capture weddings on the outskirts. We get involved. This is always the case but even more so when it comes to the party. We are two guys that love to have fun with our couples and their guests so they are having their time on their on dance floor, we are right next to them. We want to you relive your French wedding photography as if you are there time and time again! The only way to do this is to be preset at the wedding and not be an on looker!

Pre-wedding shoot in Cyprus
wedding photography in France
Pre-wedding shoot in Iceland
wedding photography in France
Pre-wedding shoot in Paris
Pre-wedding shoot in London
Pre-wedding shoot in provence
wedding photography in France
Pre-wedding shoot in London


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If you are looking for a French Wedding Photographer or French Wedding Videographer we would love to hear your story and your plans. Our offering is totally bespoke so we will respond individually to your enquiry with a tailored package for your wedding. No two weddings are the same and therefore no two response are the same. We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach and we believe it shows through in our work. When you look at two weddings side by side, the will look and feel different. That’s because we spend time getting to know and understand your personalities so we can deliver something that we will know you and your family and friends will cherish love and enjoy for a lifetime.

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