Wendy & Michael Wedding (Wandsworth)

(AMAZING PORTRAIT ALERT! Their portraits are ranking amongst my all time faves at the moment, have a look to see why!: ) Wendy & Michael met whilst both working in Korea, after 3yrs together when it was time for Michael to go back to the US and Wendy the UK, Michael knew as he said “….he couldn’t let her go…” so proposed, she said yes and thus began a two year transatlantic engagement adventure! (You can see their E-Shoot here)  Later this year Wendy will be moving to the US for good, so this month Michael and his family flew to the UK for their Vietnamese wedding.  In custom with Vietnamese tradition the groom and family have to come to the brides house, where a traditional ‘tea ceremony’ takes place.  Although quite intimate it was still very emotional and there were hardly any dry eyes in the house.  After that and a quick change it was off to Wandsworth for a traditional Chinese 10 course (yes 10 courses!) meal.  Apparently there are only 2 chinese restaurants in South London that do the ‘proper Wedding banquet’ so it was awesome to be able to sit and enjoy that.  The whole day was amazing and had a very intimate feel, I certainly had a lot of fun and left the day pretty full.  It was also very touching for me to have both the father of the bride and the groom thank me for my efforts and help add to the atmosphere of the day…..ahhh….by the end of the day I felt like I had become an honorary family member!!! lol Here’s some from the day…

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