Warwick Ave Engagement Shoot – Anna & Simon

Paddington Engagement Shoot-Photo-3

I met Anna & Simon near Warwick Ave as that’s where they used to live.  I loved the fact that they were completely open to suggestions regarding the shoot.  Initially they had thought the Little Venice area might of been ‘nice’ but when I turned up the light was doing all kinds of amazing things and I had my eye on a bit near a flyover – would they be willing to forego the flowers and trees and go on an adventure? So cue running through council estates, underpasses, standing on benches and standing in the middle of traffic all in aid of chasing that light.  We had a right laugh and plenty of giggles and they were so cool both literally and figuratively and I think we got some great photos.  Can’t wait for their wedding, here’s some from their shoot.

Paddington Engagement Shoot-Photo-1


  1. Sarah

    OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what beautiful images, the light on the wall one is divine!

  2. Hannah

    was humming what’s her face Duffy then scrawled down and actually jaw dropped!! LOVE this shoot, really gorgeous work Mr!

  3. Ellie

    wow – flippin’ stunning. The first shot is beautiful and I also love Anna’s outfit.

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