Bride & Groom Portrait Session London


Vishal and Jyotika contacted me because originally they wanted me to cover their civil wedding ceremony on Valentines Day (They’re actually having their official big shebang in Mauritius later this year) however due to me being booked they asked if we could do the next best thing – a bride and groom portrait shoot.  So we met the day before near Hampstead as they wanted to also capture Jyotika’s beautiful henna painting on her hands.  The only problem being that the weather was a a bit challenging.  The  sun kept coming in and out, but it was also very windy and absolutely freeeeezzzing (and I had my jacket on!!!) So in between chasing sun, avoiding hypothermia and being frozen by the wind we managed to grab some shots.  Inspite of all of this Vishal & Jyotika are both so sweet, such a laugh and up for it that we managed still to have a good time in and out of jumping into the car to warm up a bit.  Later on they also changed into more casual clothes and headed to the Southbank to capture a few more couple shots.  A Bride and Groom portrait session is a great way to get some great portraits on a day outside of the wedding day to either enhance the wedding day portraits or to give more time to it  Anyway here’s a few from their shoot….enjoy…


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