Ufton Court Wedding – Hannah & Andy

Hannah & Andy had a Ufton Court Wedding Reception after a ceremony in All Saints Church in Basingstoke.  They’re both fitness fanatics who are fiercely competitive (even against each other!) Apparently Hannah won the ‘longest plank’ competition and made sure of her title by even demonstrating during the speeches! Lol Hannah started the day at her home surrounded by her beautiful bridesmaids and family, it was then a short drive in their awesome vintage car for the day to the Church where Andy was waiting flanked by his two best men and groomsmen complete with coloured socks and matching sunglasses. It was then off to Ufton Court for a fantastic reception complete with some very emotional speeches and Andy’s mates band to round off the celebration late into the early hours.  Congratulations Hannah & Andy and thanks for allowing me to be part of your day and being so up for all my suggestions, like standing on a picnic table, shooting in the toilet, standing on 6ft high walls and climbing over thorns to get to a wheat field.  It was a lot of fun and hopefully the results speak for themselves….here’s some from the day…



  1. Kathryn Andrews

    Some really great moments captured – looks like a really fun wedding. Love the shots of the bride planking, the groomsmen’s socks and the photo of Andy and Hannah in the field.

  2. John Hope

    So consistently awesome Mick. And I think you might just be the bokeh king! Seriously strong work.

  3. Ellie

    haha – that plank! Gorgeous work as always, you’re standing out as a true and unique talent Mick!

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