Town Hall Hotel Wedding

Katie & Tim are two people after my own heart……they’re both Arsenal supporters! : ) I won’t hold the fact against them that half of their family and friends support Spurs and the other half Arsenal. Neither will I hold it against them that they got married on the day of a North London Derby during the actual game. (It’s hard to know if the emotion you see on Tim’s face during the ceremony is because of how overwhelmed he is at the thought of marry Katie or he’s just heard Spurs had gone 2-1 up! – I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and going with the former!!! LOL) But all jesting aside they’re two people after my own heart because of how genuine, down to earth and family orientated they both were. It was a real pleasure to be part of the day because there was just so much emotion, joy and love permeating every part of the day. From the getting ready right down to the epic first dance confetti canon dance off. Tim gave probably one of the best groom speeches I ever heard – there was not a dry eye in the house including yours truly….”I had something in my eye” many guys could be heard saying! Weddings and the couples whose day it is, never cease to amaze me and none more so than these two. If someone asked me, ‘what’s a wedding all about?’ I could easily just point to this one two people who really love each other, who understand what it means to commit to each other, throwing a party for all their loved ones to celebrate the fact and making it about that! Boom! Congratulations Katie and Tim, thank you for allowing me to be part of your day, trusting me to do my thing and just welcoming me in to be be part of your day… guys ROCK!!! Here’s some highlights from the day…..oh and you’ll be pleased to know despite having a man sent off Arsenal equalised before the ceremony was over…..


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