Preston Court Wedding – Tom & Kirsche

Tom & Kirsche had an AWESOME Preston Court Wedding and we had an amazing time capturing it. We first meet these guys on their pre-wedding shoot which was a lot of fun but this post is about their wedding and what a wedding it was!!! There were fairground rides, Train Wrecks, Aston Martins, Peacocks, Candy Floss and plenty of Good Times!!!! I knew from the moment I met them that this would be a wedding to look forward to. Tom and Kirsche are such a fun and laid back couple always up for a laugh and super relaxed. Plus Tom gives great hugs – an important quality I find and appreciating more and more!!! LOL. They wanted to just have a great time at their wedding along with all their nearest and dearest and went to great lengths to ensure so, and the day itself didn’t disappoint. I have to say I had a bit of a fanboy moment when the Aston Martin DB5 turned up. If you’re a fan of James Bond, and Sean Connery you’ll know what I’m talking about! It was a nice surprise from Kirsche to Tom and just one of the many nice touches along the day. Preston Court is a beautiful venue that alongside all the joy of seeing your friends getting married coupled with the games and fun means that if you were a guest it was almost impossible not to have a good time. With some hilarious speeches, a great band and guests all taking the lead from the bride and groom it meant there was no lull the whole day right through to the last song being played. Also, Preston Court has so many nooks, crannies and interesting sites it’s almost impossible for a photographer not to have a great time too!!! Whilst Kirsche and Tom are laid back they also have a sense of style and I loved how they just wanted me to do my thing and trusted me to be creative whilst capturing the moments as well. It’s becoming more and more obvious to me that I love the whole mix of genres in my style of wedding photography and couples love the fact that they can not only have their day documented in a relaxed and authentic manner, they’re also up for creating some “show stoppers” as well. So when I saw the train wreck I knew we could have some fun and Tom and Kirsche were so up for it as well. It only took a few minutes and I loved the results and more importantly, they did too!!! Plus it made some time for some good quality banter and a few man hugs as well!!! LOL All in all it was an AMAZING day. Congratulations Kirsche and Tom, you guys totally ROCK and thanks for letting me have free reign to do my thing. Here are some highlights from the day…


  1. Nick Labrum

    Have been following your work for a couple of years now and thought it about time to comment. It really is something else, keep it up and keep inspiring! 🙂

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