Tewin Bury Farm Wedding – Kim & Rob

Kim and Rob had a Tewin Bury Farm Wedding and ever since I’d met them at their Hitchen Lavender Field Engagement shoot I been looking forward to this one.  They’re the kind of people who welcome you with open arms, make you feel at home and like you’ve been friends for years. They’re a down to earth, fun and creative couple.  Exemplified by the fact that they made or had help making  everything at their wedding, every single detail even Kim’s wedding dress! Kim couldn’t find one she loved but when she came across a size 18 dress she fell in love with the lace detail and so went about re-designing and customising it….making it truly a one of a kind! Rob’s extra creative contribution was to reform his band for “one reunion” gig and perform at his own wedding! Surrounded by the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside and their family and friends it  was an EPIC day! Congratulations Kim & Rob, love you guys long time!!! : ) Here’s some highlights from the day….

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