Steph & Stef – Euston Engagement Shoot

Meet Steph & Stef, try saying that on an e-shoot when you’re asking one of them to do something, “…Stef can you move?…”, “Stef, no sorry not you Steph, I meant you Stef, the one with beard!!!…” HAHA anyway for the purpose of this post I’ll call Stef (guy) by his nickname, Goat.  He’s called that because apparently according to Steph (girl) and his friends he looks like one.  I think that’s a bit harsh but I can see  why the beard might be an inspiration.  These two were a great laugh and so easy to be around, most of the smiles in the pics was just them being themselves so it was great to be able to capture that.  They came down all the way from Manchester and we met at Euston on unfortunately a pretty on, off day weather wise, but that didn’t dampen their spirits and we had an awesome time, check out Steph looking great whilst Goat does a cartwheel, he threw that in for free!!! lol.  Can’t wait to hang out with them on the wedding day, it’s going to be AWESOME! Here’s some from the day….


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      Thanks Liam, it’s shot on a mixture of 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and a 45TS, grain on ASE3 hope that helps.

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