Skinners Hall London Wedding – Jo & Hamel

Jo & Hamel had their wedding in Skinners Hall London.  Most people would ask one of their best mates at their wedding to you know be a best man, say a few words, be an usher etc Hamel asked his good friend Chris to conduct the wedding ceremony! This was actually their wedding blessing (but Jo & Hamel wanted to treat it as their actual wedding) and so when deciding how they would mark it they wanted to make it personal and have someone dear to them conduct it.  So surrounded by their family and lifelong friends in the historic venue they celebrated their big day their way.  Jo & Hamel as you can tell aren’t your usual couple and the day was a lot of laughs, a fusion of cultures but a pretty relaxed affair.  The night ended with some special mediterranean dancing and was still  going off when I had to leave.  Congratulations Jo & Hamel and thanks for allowing me to be part of your AWESOME day.  Here’s some highlights….Skinners-Hall-London-Wedding-Photos-9Skinners-Hall-London-Wedding-Photos-16


  1. hitiksha(pinky)

    Congrates both look awesome..God bless you always and have a lovely journey of life together with lots and lots of love and laugh…such a lovely pictures..x

  2. Paul Rogers

    Outstanding work! Beautiful opening portrait, love the dancing pictures, and that final group shot, wow. I think I know how it’s done – very impressive.

  3. Hamel & Jo

    Sterling work MS. You’ve even managed to make me look taller in the last shot which takes some doing. Great work, and a joy to have had you around.

  4. Ellie Gillard

    We’ve shot at a lot of the same venues these past few weeks and it’s really amazing to see how differently they can be interpreted! Good work!

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