Shelly & Michael – Wedding Windsor

I met Shelly on a photographers workshop almost two years ago and we’d been following each other on Facebook for a while so it was very exciting when Shelly told me she was getting married and asked me to shoot the wedding, very exciting and very scary cause she’s a photographer so you always feel theirs a different level of expectation.  I shouldn’t have worried though because Shelly & Michael were so relaxed and made me feel so part of the day and just allowed me to do my thing I was so grateful.  Shelly started the day at her mum’s house and I was greeted by her uber cute daughter Eleanor in amongst her and her bridesmaids getting ready.  They then went over to their reception venue hotel the Harte & Garter to check in and put the dress on.  They were then chauffeured in style (to the amusement of all the tourists  – I think they must have thought they were royalty haha) in classic Bentleys and taken to the Church for the very emotional ceremony.  Speaking of tourists, it was gorgeous weather but great weather and Windsor equals TOURISTS as in they’re everywhere and the place and traffic was heaving which meant it was a bit of challenge finding somewhere quiet to take the photos but thankfully everyone was up for a laugh and so we found some creative light and everyone ROCKED it! The reception had a Star Wars theme and this is due to Michaels passion for the franchise, in fact he owns an original stormtrooper outfit from the original Stars Wars movie.  I was so hoping he’d wear it but apparently it would take more effort than a wedding dress to put on and to move around, plus he’d need help just going to the bathroom! lol Apparently the Star Wars theme carried onto the next day when Michaels brother made personalised Star Wars cocktails at a Post Wedding BBQ – now that’s attention to detail!!!  It was a fantastic day and in and out of emotional speeches, great live music and a personalised sweet table everyone had an awesome time. Congratulations Shelly & Michael, thanks for allowing me to be part of it….here’s some from the day.

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