Sarah & Owen Wedding (Nether Winchendon)

Sarah & Owen were married in St Bartholomew’s Church in Wigginton and had their reception at the beautiful Nether Winchendon House in Buckinghamshire.   Their families spent the whole day before doing up the barn and the results were definitely worth it! They met 8yrs ago when Sarah was on a Uni Work Placement at Owen’s place of work and according to his best men,  he quietly ‘stalked her’ before one day after driving past her every day he plucked up the courage to offer her a lift at a bus stop in the pouring rain! Sarah & Owen have travelled the world together so it was only fitting that their table settings were all places they had visited, and check out the seating plan, it’s a lot!  I thought it was very sweet that during his speech, Owen recollected Sarah one time asking him after their many travels if there was one place and one person he could travel with where would it be, he replied “….anywhere as long as it was with you!…”, all together now….Ahhh.  So I guess it’s only fitting that they jetted off to Costa Rica for their honeymoon to cross another country visited off their list.  Congratulations Sarah & Owen – here’s a few from their day….

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