Sandra & SImon – Wedding Portrait Session

Sandra and Simon are getting married 3 times….yes three! Twice in the UK and once in singapore – it’s a long story! So they contacted me because they wanted some wedding portraits that they could use to celebrate all three occasions but also that weren’t too traditional and would represent them.  So they wanted to take them in places that were special to them.  So we started at Goldsmiths University were they  both met, went on to their local pub, stopped by at their local park and then back at their flat.  We would have visited more places, like their local velodrome (their cycling fanatics) but unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good the whole day and in another long story Sandra ended up using the dress she’ll actually be wearing on her Wedding day (the 2nd one – today!) so we couldn’t move around too much as we had to keep it as clean as possible! Lol  We had a lot of laughs and probably a lot of stares but I think we got a great variety for them.  Special thanks to their cousin Kiem a photographic enthusiast himself (you should check out his awesome collection of cameras and work) helping out and taking a few snaps himself…here’s some from the day….

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