Royal Blackheath Golf Club – James & Lymara

Lymara and James had their wedding reception in the beautiful surroundings of Royal Blackheath Golf Club after having a moving service at HTB Church.  Lymara is the sister of my good friends Lydia and Roy Todd.  They started and lead an awesome Church in Loughborough called Junction Church.   It’s always great to cover the wedding of the family of those connected to you.  Especially when it was before your time as a Wedding Photographer.  You get to see behind the curtain, their family their friends etc.  So what I saw where two very loving and close families who were soo happy to be spending the day together celebrating this special day.  It also meant lots of time to catch up! It was a very chilled and relaxed day, no pressure everyone there just to have a good time.   Especially being so close to Christmas, it just has that extra something – like an extension of  all the merryment! We had a lot of fun and I’m always grateful when couples trust you enough to just do ‘your thing!’  Especially with the conditions being as they were (a bit rainy and also a lack of light) but when a couple and family are determined to enjoy the day it kind of inspires you to make better images and just think outside the box a little.  Needless to say to was a fantastic day.  Congratulations James & Lymara, you guys ROCK! Here’s some highlights….._M022683


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