Rory & Jessica – Engagement Shoot London

Rory & Jessica met in Jessica’s own words… “…by chance as we were both attending the same media party at Vinopolis with respective work mates, but each decided to leave at the same time – even though the event was still quite lively!  I saw Rory looking a bit lost up ahead as I snaked through the maze of the wine market and asked:  “Are you looking for the exit?  I think it’s this way…”  This led the two of us to strike up a conversation that picked up momentum at the cloakroom when Rory stealthily asked where in North America I’m from, which is always a bonus to hear as a Canadian!  After catching Rory’s signature cheeky sideways glance collecting our coats, our chat continued and flourished as we walked to London Bridge Underground Station, so much so that we let many trains pass before we boarded to head home in opposite directions. While saying good night Rory said he would email me, but without asking for any details other than my full name, (smooth, very smooth!).  Sure enough the next day Rory wrote having done a little research and we soon had numbers exchanged, daily chats and went on our first date later that week! With our shared love of films, travel, good food, comedy, photography and each other we have now been inseparable for over 2.5 years and are likened by friends and family as two peas in a pod, (despite one of us being slightly older than the other!).  Kindred spirits from different nations and decades appears to be the description for us!…”. Ahhh so sweet! : ) So when it came to shooting their engagement shoot their was really only one place….Vinopolis that place they met so many years ago.  As we recreated the walk that night we also had some beautiful weather and had a fun time! Can’t wait for the wedding here’s a few from the shoot…


  1. Bess Gershuny

    What a wonderful collection of imaginative photos in London to commemorate the engagement of Jessica and Rory. It’s truly a love story!

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