Pembroke Lodge Wedding – Gisela & Russell

If Gisela and Russell could have collected air miles for all the distances travelled by their guests they probably would have had enough to fly around the world….twice!

Gisela’s from Argentina and Russell’s from Australia but they met in Spain and now live In London…are you still keeping up?! So their family and friends flew in from places such as America, Australia, Israel and Holland to name but a few.

They had a Pembroke Lodge Wedding in Richmond and Gisela in the morning getting ready at another great hotel, the Petersham, just up the road with her best friend Carolina and father who had also flown in. By the way, he totally tore up the dance floor in the evening…that guy had moves!

Russell’s three best friends were his best men. Knowing that all these people had travelled all these distances to celebrate such an occasion and knowing that it had been a long time since all of them had been in the same place I think added a real deeper sense of occasion and emotion to the celebration and I’m really honoured that I got to be a part of it as Gisela put it ‘…not as our photographer but as put guest…’.

Congratulations Gisela and Russell and thanks for letting me be a part of it…here’s some from the day…enjoy!


  1. Michelle Watson

    Gorgeous photos for a gorgeous couple. Congratulations guys – what a beautiful day! xxx

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