Prince Albert Camden Wedding – Hannah & Charlie


Hannah & Charlie are about as relaxed as they come.  Nothing can faze them – except rain on your wedding day : ) I’ll back up a bit. They didn’t want to have a traditional wedding in the sense that they weren’t looking to include anything for traditions sake but only cause they wanted to. They were all about their friends and family having a good time on the day and sharing it with them.  So they had a first look because they wanted to meet their friends and family for wedding morning drinks.  The first look happened in St Pancrass Station as it was right next to the bar and in close proximity to the hotel where everyone was staying, Hannah was getting ready and more importantly right next to Camden Town Hall were they were getting married.  Just so everyone could leisurely everything.. They walked down the isle together.  Their reception was five minutes away at The Prince Albert Pub in Camden.   Their was no first dance, no cutting of the cake but there were some AWESOME speeches including star turns by Hannah’s little brother and sister who performed a trumpet solo and a very moving acapella solo respectively and topped of by Charlie’s best man who made one of the best wedding speeches videos I have ever seen that had everyone in stitches and revealed a few secrets from Charlie’s childhood that shocked even his parents! So when it came to the dress Hannah wanted something different, not too ‘wed-dingy’ and more her.  Cue Charlie’s sister a fashion designer who between Hannah and her collaborated to come up with something different and something unique to Hannah.  So unique that it was hand made in silk.  Except that silk and rain don’t match and it rained – boy it rained that morning.  It was the only thing that had had Hannah a little fazed. It wasn’t rain where you could pop the umbrella open either, it was heavy rain mixed with wind! So what to do when you have to walk everywhere in the rain and can’t protect your hand made dress?!  Simple, borrow the photographers poncho that his wife had suggested he bring that morning! So in one of the most funniest sights I probably ever had to witness we had a beautiful bride in a hand made dress walking down the Euston Road in a….LegoLand Poncho!!! But in true Hannah & Charlie style they pulled it off and laughed about it all the way.  (Check out my Instagram page for more proof here)  Congratulations Hannah & Charlie you guys were awesome and thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing day!….Here’s some photos…



  1. Matt

    Mate, absolutely killer stuff. I love these two, first look at St Pancreas plus Hannah wore a Legoland poncho. Ace!

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