Painshill Park Wedding Photography

Painshill Park Wedding Photographer – MIKI Studios

Painshill Park Wedding photography always makes me smile because I always love photographing wedding at places like Painshill Park.

Park Conservatory as it is such a great place for weddings and always makes for Beautiful Painshill Park  Conservatory Wedding Photography.

It’s perfect for all the couples I work with as a photographer because the grounds are just so stunning and truly unique. There’s plenty of light and mid-summer is like a Georgian dream, but if you prefer the cover and shadows of the forested areas then you’re in luck too.

I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot with some awesome brides and grooms at Painshill Conservatory and having such easy-going newlyweds means we often jump into the golf buggy and tour the grounds taking photos along the way; by the tranquil lake, in the sloped vineyard and through the woods.

Not many venues can accommodate all of that whilst still hosting a fantastic ceremony and reception (with a pretty sweet lighting rig, ideal for speeches!).

It’s an astonishingly romantic place and has some of the most intriguing gardens I’ve taken photos in as a wedding photographer. All the couples, their families, their friends and entire guest list always have a brilliant time there

Painshill Park Wedding PhotographyPainshill Park Wedding PhotographyPainshill Park Wedding Photographer  - Miki PhotographyPainshill Park Wedding Photography

Painshill Park Conservatory – The Perfect Wedding Venue In Surrey

There are wedding venues and then there are wedding venues. Painshill Park – Cobham, Surrey is 158 acres of natural hills and valleys and takes over 80,000 visitors a year. Open every weekend,all year round, the landscape garden has been going through an on-going restoration which provides an exquisite setting for the picture perfect venue.

The endless views of the surrounding Surrey countryside are an idyllic backdrop and the small decorative buildings; the grotto, the temple, the ruins and the gothic abbey have all featured in television and film productions.

But what about the wedding building? The conservatory at Painshill, the purpose-built venue set within the impressive setting of Painshill’s private walled gardens makes a breathtaking venue for prestigious events.

Suitable for conferences, team building days and Christmas parties the stunning luxury marquee beautifully matches the Georgian heritage of Painshill landscape garden.

Painshill Park Wedding PhotographyPainshill Park Wedding Photography

Painshill Park – Gardens of Exceptional Beauty & Memories You Will Cherish Forever

It’s always an absolute privilege to shoot at Painshill Park and every wedding I’ve shot there has been with some of the loveliest couples to date. They all make the most of the stunning grounds and (along with their friends and family of course) have the most fun possible in this very special place.

Ideal for wedding receptions, the beautifully restored gardens provide a wonderful backdrop to any wedding, be it contemporary and chic, traditional and elegant or colorful and flamboyant – and I’m always chuffed to be there as a wedding photographer.

My experience has always been stellar – I don’t live too far as it’s just off the A3 but I relish the chance to get out of London to go and spend a day in such a beautiful and tranquil setting. The atmospheric grounds are truly some of my favourite and often reflect the character and elegance of the couples I shoot with.

If you’re a soon-to-be-married couple and considering Painshill Park in Cobham, I would certainly put it on the shortlist.

Painshill Park Wedding PhotographyPainshill Park Wedding Photography

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