Our little boy…

Our little boy, Ethan turned 2 today – wow doesn’t time fly?! It only seems like yesterday my wife and I were sitting on the sofa, holding hands, timing contractions….but that’s a whole different chapter to the story, lol! He celebrated his birthday with our Church & friends in Basingstoke and he’ll have another celebration next week with family and yet more friends in London (talk about extravagant) In the meantime I took him aside for a few photos for the family scrapbook, it’s always a nice reminder taking photos of him, because it was because of him I even picked up a camera in the first place.  After 6months of being pregnant my  wife bought me a camera and said “…learn!…” and you never argue with a pregnant woman lol! So in way every time I capture a picture of Ethan, my wife or both it’s not just documenting them but also kind of documenting my photographic journey.  Even if I’d never got into weddings it would be a pleasure capturing them two all day long.  It’s also nice to see he’s starting to love the drums, because before I was a photographer I was a full-time musician – a drummer, so there’s also a nice continuity there.  So here’s a few pics we took and just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON, mummy and daddy love you loads!

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