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As wedding photographers and videographers, we always love it when we get to capture elopement, micro wedding photography. We love what micro wedding photography represents and the ease and relaxed nature of micro weddings in general. There are so many more opportunities with Micro or Elopement weddings in terms of venues or should we say locations because you can do whatever you want when it comes to elopements. There are, however, some amazing Town Hall wedding venues in London which accommodate weddings from 2 or 200 people. Before we go any further, let’s get the definitions out of the way. These are not official Oxford Dictionary definitions, so take them as a general MIKI rule...  However, it doesn’t really matter what you call your wedding celebration - we would just love to be involved and capture your micro wedding day (or however long it might last!).

An elopement wedding is usually just the two of you and whoever is marrying you, you can marry anywhere but a large number of people travel a fair distance for an elopement wedding. Traditionally, elopement implied just rashly running off to get married but even elopement weddings need planning. You’re going to need to arrange your celebrant in advance and get permission to marry in your chosen location.

A micro wedding is a small wedding of around 15-20 guests that will follow some sort of itinerary of the ceremony followed by celebration though there isn’t usually an evening party. During the pandemic, these were very popular for people wanting to get married, couples often changed their large lavish weddings for something much (much) smaller because getting married was more important than the wedding they were planning.

An intimate wedding is what is referred to for small weddings of up to 30-50 guests. These usually follow the same format as larger weddings just with fewer guests. Like micro weddings, at certain points in the summer of 2020, these were very popular due to covid restrictions and we were fortunate enough to capture some great intimate weddings where the symbolism of marriage was so important they changed their plans and had a much smaller wedding.

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Elopement & micro weddings make for an authentic and personal wedding

As an experienced micro wedding photographer and elopement wedding photographer. We’ve worked with lots of couples who have chosen smaller more personal celebrations. And we can share with you some of the reasons why they chose to have an elopement, micro or intimate wedding.

These days couples can create their own bespoke wedding from scratch. They want weddings that accurately reflect who they are and how they choose to live their lives. If you’re not the kind of people that like to be the centre of attention all day and night around your entire family and friends. Then don’t do it yourselves. With smaller weddings, you get to just include the people and the things that have special meaning to you. It’s your wedding done your way and on your terms, you don't even need to call it a micro wedding.....


Splurge on things that are important

Another reason to have a micro wedding is budget. Every guest at your wedding comes with a price tag per head. The cost of your wedding venue and food and drink accounts for 50% of your total wedding budget. And venues price everything per head. So, it stands to reason that if you half the guest list, you half the cost!


Micro-weddings mean less compromise

That wedding venue you thought you couldn’t afford. That gorgeous dress that you daren’t try on because it’s out of your budget, the delicious canapes you sampled but tipped you over your spend. An intimate or micro wedding puts all of those things back on the table allowing you to have luxury without breaking the bank!


Sidestep unnecessary stepfamily politics

Old family feuds complicating your table plan, yes or no to children, tit for tat invites because you went to their wedding, parents using financial contributions to leverage a say in your wedding. Cousins you don’t really know, Uncle’s you don’t really like. All of this nonsense vanishes as soon as you make the decision to have an micro wedding.


Micro weddings are stress-free

No-fuss, no stress, no expectations, no hassle, no unexpected and unforeseen costs like huge bar bills, no family politics, no dress code, no tired and dated wedding traditions. Get married in shorts and flip flops or go for all-out glamour with full bridal gown and tails. It’s your call. Choose the wedding you want, not the wedding you think you need.


When the act of marriage is more important to you than a large wedding party?

So, as you can see there are plenty of persuasive arguments for choosing an elopement, intimate or micro wedding. And as smaller weddings are on the rise there are so many amazing venues and locations both in the UK and overseas for you to choose from.

Looking for a micro wedding photographer to capture your wedding?

We hope you have fun planning your elopement, micro or intimate wedding. And when you’ve found that perfect venue, or outdoor location for a romantic ceremony, you’ll be looking for experienced elopement and intimate wedding photographers.



On the day it was like having two extra gusts as they fit in so well, and even to this day (nearly a year later), they continue to make us feel loved and appreciated.
Award Winning Wedding Photographer - Best Wedding Images - MIKI Studios - Ash Davenport
MIKI Studios are the best wedding photographer and Videographer in the market without a doubt. Every picture captured true emotion and fun exactly what we wanted, and the video is a dream.
These guys are worth every penny. Extremely talented and so passionate about what they do. We had complete confidence on the day as we knew they would be fantastic.
Tom and Warren - 2019
Marylebone Town Hall iconic image
Considering my husband was totally against a wedding film, upon meeting Mick and Ash, he very quickly changed his mind. MIKI Studios cleverly combined both of our wedding days into a work of art, focusing on what made our day so special and allowing for all of the emotions to come flooding back - we cry, laugh and smile every time we view our photos and film!
Roshni and Dan - 2019
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