Manchester College Wedding

Louise & Ash are quite a remarkable couple.  Ash is an awesome guy and as his best man said is “…an extrovert who rather than focuses on himself looks to bring other people into the conversation…” and Louise is very determined and hard working so after finishing her degree at Bath Uni (where they met) decided to do a PHd in Psychology at Oxford University (as you do!).  Which leads us to the place they were married at: Harris Manchester College Chapel. Both of them come from very close knit families which was just so touching to see the interactions between all of them throughout the day and they were all involved in some part during the wedding.  The day started at Louise’s mum’s house and after a mad dash up the M40 to Oxford we were greeted by the sound of a gospel choir.  Louise’s sister went to great lengths to source all the decorations for the event including lanterns for the trees outside and Ash’s mum hand decorated each place setting.  After some funny and very touching speeches and a superb meal, everyone walked down to the Uni club house for Ash and Louise’s first dance (set to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer) – which as a tongue in cheek choreographed piece must rank as one of the funniest and cutest first dances EVER! The live band then took it away as everyone got onto the dance floor.  Ash & Louise will be moving to Hong Kong very soon.  So congrutaltions Ash & louise on your new life together and thanks for allowing me to be a part of such an fantastic occasion….here’s some from the day…


  1. Tracy Hohn


    As Ashleys Aunt working and living in California with two kids and a wonderful husband we were unable to make it to his wedding but I just have to say that looking at your poignant story of their special day had me laughing, crying(yes, me and my sister are very much the same when it comes to being mushy)and just joyful inside that the day was so full of fun and love.

    You have a wonderful talent for catching those quiet moments few are able to capture through the lense. Truely beautiful stuff, worthy of a gallery. I would hate to be the one who had to pick out the best of the bunch, there are just too many to choose from.

    Thanks, Tracy (Danas baby sister)

    1. Author

      Ahh Thanks Tracy, I really appreciate it and I’m so glad the pictures enabled you to experience and a feel the emotions of the day – which is the biggest compliment EVER!

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