Louise & Ash – E-Shoot (Chiswick)

Louise & Ash met briefly on the first day of Uni, and instantly Louise was attracted to Ash, so much so that in her words she started ‘kind of stalking him!’ lol Until one night at a Karaoke night in the first term, they finally got together.  That was 10 yrs ago and this June they’ll be getting married at the Chapel in Oxford University no less.  They’re an awesome couple and I had so much fun with them on this E-Shoot, they were really excited about taking the photos and I love it that they rocked up and in essence said “…we’ve seen your stuff, we love it, that’s why we booked you, do your thing!…”, ahh music to my ears.  So in between some amazing in and out light and some fantastic backdrops in Chiswick we managed to get some shots. Here’s a few from the shoot…


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