Liverpool St Engagement Shoot – Jenny & Tom

Jenny & Tom are two teachers which is kind of cool for me because I don’t know about you, but for me growing up you always assumed teachers didn’t have a life outside of school – you know, they were just teachers!!! lol (and Heaven forbid you ever saw one outside of school in Sainsbury’s or something, you kind of half said ‘hello’ or smiled and then quickly moved on – it was just weird!) So now meeting a couple who are both in that profession it’s like seeing it from the other side…they’re normal people like you and me, with beating hearts, hopes and dreams….ok, ok I’m taking it to far now!  Anyways Jenny & Tom are both super fun and super cool and we had fun hanging out for their Liverpool St Engagement Shoot whilst making some pictures.  They’ll be having a Curradine Barns Wedding and it’ll be on New Years Eve! Can’t wait! It’ll be my first New Years Eve Wedding and I know it’s going to be AWESOME! Here’s some from the day….

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