Katie & Scott Wedding (Camden)

If you ask me what goes with a lemon I always think “…a lime…”.  It’s the same with the colour yellow, I always think “..green…”.  I don’t know why but for me they both just seem to work together, they both just seem to ‘fit’.  It’s exactly the same when I think of Katie and Scott, they have this amazing chemistry together, like they were made to be together….ahhhh.  Katie works in TV production, so she’s so ‘switched on’, notices ‘every’ detail even under pressure and is always ‘camera aware’, ’cause it’s her job, she’s good at it that’s what she trained to do.  But that can make it difficult for her to just relax when taking pictures that is until she’s in Scott’s arms and then it’s a totally different scenario, and it’s beautiful to watch, ’cause they’re so ‘in love’.  Scott says he knew it was love when early on in their relationship he went on some mad trekking expedition and Katie agreed to come along just for support, hold a flask, a map – whatever. It’s then he knew there was something special about this girl haha! So fast forward and last Friday, Katie and Scott got married in front of their friends and family at Marylebone Town Hall and then on to the Prince Albert ‘Gastro’ Pub for the sit-down dinner reception just up the road in Camden. They kindly seated me along with the guests and it’s not always appropriate, nor expected, but it’s such a privilege for me when a couple are able to do that because it allows me to see really soak in the atmosphere of the whole day…and their family were so great and accommodating.  Scott’s from Scotland so his groomsmen and Dad wore kilts and Katie wore a gorgeous ‘vintage style tutu’ dress (her words not mine).  Hair and makeup was done by the amazing Terri Capon (who you can check out here) and Katie’s whole outfit was finished off with a fabulous pair of Alexander McQueen shoes (and after the effort Katie went to finding them they had to be mentioned!) although she did later change into some more comfortable Vivienne Westwood ‘heart shoe’s’ but it was her Wedding day so why not?!  It’s also worth a special mention that Katie, her mum and sister Lucy the day before got up at 6am and went to the flower market and did all of the flowers, including Katie’s bouquet themselves.  After some touching and funny speeches everyone went downstairs to chat, drink and dance the night away to a DJ. Last shot of the night was the ring shot and I found it apt what I ended up shooting them on because Katie & Scott go together like…well, you know….Lemon & Lime! : )


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      Thanks Deborah you guys were a laugh and your dress holding, lift door opening skills came in real handy x

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