This is the workshop I wish was available to me when I first started.

What is this?

A one day workshop for photographers or aspiring filmmakers wishing to explore and learn the art of “on the day” film making.  As photographers, you have probably already have the fundamental skills of capturing light, moment and composition for stills.  This workshop will give you the practical skills to apply all of that to crafting creative, beautiful and inspirational wedding films with your own creative voice and understand the practical concepts needed to do so.

Who is this for?

Anybody who knows how to use a camera,  has started their wedding film making the journey but wishes to get to grips with all the fundamentals, wishes to move from photography more into film making,  or if you simply want to be able to add more value to your couples by either upping your slideshows with a mix of films, voice and stills or easily filming parts of the day like speeches and ceremonies.

What wIll be covered?

Everything you need to start shooting straight away

  • What Fundamentals of filming making I needed to learn
  • The few bits of gear I really needed (so you don’t waste money)
  • Shooting from multiple angles ( how to think in multiple angles)
  • Sound (Everything I’ve had to learn)
  • Creativity & Your Unique Visual Voice
  • Transferring photography skills to film  (How I could hit the ground running and make films straight away)

My hope is by the end of the day you’d have all the knowledge to confidently start going out and shoot.  Everything I wish I knew before my first wedding!

Editing  (disclaimer: I will be using Final Cut Pro the best bang for buck editing software and I show you why it makes it so much easier to start editing with).

  • Getting to grips with FCPX (quick intro)
  • Transferring files from multiple cameras
  • Organising and culling
  • Syncing sound with image
  • Cutting multiple angle films
  • How to lay the groundwork to start crafting your films.
  • Creativity in the edit

Again my hope is by the end of the day you’d have enough knowledge to start the process of editing your own films