Hitchen Lavender Field Engagement Shoot


Sometimes it feels like everything is just handed to you on a plate…..you know like when a cool couple like Kim and Rob say  “…lets do a Hitchen Lavender Field Engagement Shoot….” and I’m like “….hmmm so good looking couple, want to hang out in picturesque field and take photos on a glorious summer day…..LET”S GO!…”.  So we did! I’ve never been to the lavender field in Hitchen but I’m glad I now have.  What I’m not so glad about is the gazillion insect bites on my legs.  Note to self, shorts and insect hangouts are not a good mix!  It would have been easy to have just got Kim and Rob to walk through the fields and just take photos (which we did) I also think it’s always nice to try to do something a little different and I love how my couples are always up for that.  So not only did we shoot in the field, we also had a little fun around the outhouses and explored….because when an opportunity is handed to you on a plate, it’d be a shame not to!  Here are some of my favourites from the day….


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