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Stories, that’s what it’s all about and when I first heard Adam & Jenn’s story I knew I wanted to be a part of their day.   They met when they were eleven at High School and then started going out in their final year and have stayed together ever since.  Their wedding was in the very High School (Chapel) they used to attend surrounded by most of their family, close ones and friends who were with them at the same High School.  There’s something poetic about it and there’s such a deep history shared between all of them and it’s a beautiful story….or this profession is making me more and more sentimental by the minute!!! Either way you look at it, I think it’s pretty cool and so I was so glad to be a part of it all.  Congratulations Jenn & Adam, thanks for letting me be part of your day…



  1. Marianne Chua

    LOVE the car shot and also the light painting shot. Just amazing work as always Mick!! I am always in awe and very excited to be seeing you in action tomorrow!

  2. Laura Babb

    Love this wedding. The light painting shot is amazing and the whole day is just beautifully and creatively captured. Fab work.

  3. Sharron

    Wow, brilliant images, really creatively captured. Fab work!

  4. Natasha Jennings

    They are just all amazing photos you have captured everything emotions to 100% love brilliant ♥

  5. Ellie Gillard

    I mean, Mick, really – just go away and stop being so good…. Ahem, what i actually mean is flipping’ fantastic. Loved every frame.

  6. Charlotte

    Wow! You’ve caught so many special little moments, and I am especially in awe of the way you control lights and shadows. Amazing.

  7. Pat Kelman

    A brilliant set and a gorgeous wedding. Your control of light is sublime – and it’s all in the service of capturing the atmosphere and character of what looks like an amazing day. Superb.

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