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A Stunning Georgian Manor nestled at the heart of Pinewood Studios

“Lights, cameras, action!” is not a normal start to a sentence when you click on a link called Heatherden Hall Wedding Photography. But it is when you find out out Heatherden Hall is on the grounds of world famous movie studios. As much as I like to think I might catch a glimpse of the next Star Wars movie being filmed. The reality was not the case.

Pinewood Studios is actually built around the beautiful Heatherden Hall. A Victorian Mansion constructed in a Georgian Style dating back to the early part of the nineteenth century. The space is certainly something fit for a period piece film, from the luscious formal gardens to the breath-taking exterior of the old house.

The oak panelled ballroom with its original oak sprung dance floor, crystal chandeliers, open fireplace and French windows leading out onto the terrace and gardens.

Heatherden hall is perfect for all occasions. It’s hard to fault a space that’s so beautiful. It’s also no surprise that 600+ films have been produced on the grounds. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “Oliver Twist” and “Great Expectations”, to “The Great Gatsby”, some of the new Batman films, and most noteworthy the Star Wars films.

If you’re looking for a venue that has something extra, but remains classically beautiful Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios should be on your list.

Heatherden Hall Wedding PhotographyHeatherden Hall Wedding Photography

Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios Wedding Photographer

Just on the outskirts of London, in Buckinghamshire, Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios offers a variety of options to the newly married couple and their guests.

From sparkling reception drinks in the breathtaking grounds, to spicy mulled wine. The beautiful surroundings adapt themselves to any season. The formal arrangement of stately rooms, spectacular grounds, an ornamental bridge and stunning lake provides the perfect setting for your special day. As well as an array of opportunities for memorable wedding photographs.

As a wedding photographer, I love attending weddings set in such stunning grounds. As a lot of the time you have to travel a long way to get to a space that is set in such a beautiful environment. However Heatherden Hall and Pinewood Studios is right on the border of the M25. Making the manor house ideal for London-based grooms and brides-to-be.

Celebrate with your friends and families over a three course wedding breakfast (they’re able to cater for up to 80 guests) or bring in your own specialist catering. The staff at Heatherden are always friendly, helpful and willing to make every wedding as special as can be.

Photographing weddings here is always a delight. Everything looks amazing both in real life and in-camera. I guess it makes sense as it is set on the grounds of a film studio. We had the pleasure to capture Megan and Andy’s wedding at Pinewood Studios and needless to say, it was an awesome day.

If you have any doubts about what wedding photos look like, feel free to have a look below as I’ve put some of my favourite collections of images from Heatherden Hall.

Heatherden Hall Wedding PhotographyHeatherden Hall Wedding Photography

Pinewood Studios Wedding Photography

If you’re not sold on the idea of a magnificent Victorian mansion in Buckinghamshire. Nestled on the edge of London. Hidden in the grounds of Europe’s most famous film studio. A venue wonderfully run by Alison and her staff then I’m not too sure what else can sway you! Maybe the cave or the lake? The photography looks awesome all over the venue, so take your pick.

If you’re looking for class, Heatherden Hall has it – you can spend your day amongst the beautifully landscaped gardens without ever knowing you’re surrounded by a series of studios. The well maintained gardens will help make your guests none-the-wiser.

However strangely enough if you’re looking for something a bit quirkier – or you’re a huge film buff Heatherden Hall is perfect for you. Why? Because we can pop over to entrance of the studios for a few photos against the Pinewood Studios sign – it’s also not unheard of for guests to have themed parties at Heatherden Hall. The bottom line is Heatherden Hall is very malleable.

It’s a regal place with it’s oak finishing, and the photos show how stunning it is. If you want nothing to do with the studios and enjoy your day in the manor and surrounding area then don’t hesitate to book the hall. But for those couples looking for a tiny bit of quirkiness that only a select few (and nerdy) guests might pick up on then Heatherden Hall is perfect for you too.

Film and cinema has certainly influenced my work as a photographer, so i’m always thrilled to visit and work in an environment that has so much importance to the industry.

If i’m lucky enough to join you on your wedding day you can bet I’ll show up, camera and gear in hand, ready to capture your day with the same amount of passion and excitement that I had as a child when watching Superman for the first time.

Heatherden Hall Wedding PhotographyHeatherden Hall Wedding Photography

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