Fanhams Hall Wedding Photos – Charlie & John

Charlie and John are one of the most fun and down to earth couples you’ll ever meet and that goes for their family and friends as well.  From the minute I arrived at Charlie’s mum and dad’s house it was non-stop banter right up until the time I left the wedding at the end of the night.  They had a Fanhams Hall Wedding with their  ceremony being at their local Church.  Charlie met John at Ice Skating, John was her tutor (he travelled the world as a professional Ice Skater).  Which I guess came in handy for their “…Surprise Tango…” first dance.  Charlie said she only went to John because she felt her former teacher was trying it on and so left him, to go with John and then end up dating him! The rest is history and now they have a beautiful little boy Taylor who’s four years old.  He’s the star of the family being the first grand son and seeing him and Charlie’s dad interact at the beginning of the day totally reminded me of the relationship of my son Ethan with his granddad (Ethan’s also the first grandson).  Taylor’s such a star that he was saying it was his wedding just as much as it was mommy and daddy’s! Well in a way he was totally right and in was fantastic to have him involved every step of the way, with Granddad on hand to give some guidance of course!  It was a fantastic day from start to finish.  Congratulations Charlie & John and thanks for letting me be part of your day.  Here’s some highlights from the day….


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