El & Ked – E-Shoot (Brighton)

Ked & El are a fun loving and laid back pair with an awesome adventurous side.  I got to know them on the hour journey from Brighton to the Seven Sisters where they wanted to shoot.  We had a laugh and it’s always great when you get on so well with your clients.  Dare I say it but I think me and Ked share a similar sense of humour however he also loves to jump off cliffs (as in paragliding!!!) They met in Uni in the first year and were friends for two months, they can’t remember exactly how they got together (there was a bit of disagreement on what each other were wearing lol) but they do remember their first kiss on the taxi rank! That was a while back and two bouts of travelling and adventures ensued before coming back to Brighton to settle down, well I say settle down, they’re still prone to jumping on to the sea (windsurfing) and jumping off tall ledges.  The weather was a bit hit and miss on the shoot but Ked & El were up for it so it meant running under trees, standing in roads and freezing on the sea front! They’ll be married in Wales in August and I can’t wait to be a part of it.  Here’s some from the day….

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