Dave & Claire – Engagement Shoot Dulwich

 I met Dave & Clare at Sydenham Hill Station and we were supposed to go to a park up the road but we never made it – there were so many interesting things happening around the station that I thought it’d be fun to hang out there and explore – in the end we never left! lol I loved that Dave & Clare were so up for it and willing to trust me! Dave is a doctor but not just a doctor but a full on army one, meaning he’s been stationed out in various conflicts having to deal with wounded soldiers and such so massive respect to him.  Clare spent years forging a successful career in the professional world but realised it wasn’t fulfilling her and so has recently switched to starting a new one as a primary school teacher which she absolutely loves and says is so much fun and so rewarding.  I love that she was brave enough to make that switch and go for it.  So as a couple they’re very down to earth and able to take things in their stride and I love how relaxed they are around each other and have such a great time just being with each other.  I can’t wait for their wedding next year were Dave will be having a full on guard of honour which will be pretty special.  For now though, here’s some from their shoot….

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