Circomedia Wedding Bristol – Sophie & Willem

Circomedia Wedding Photos-47

Sophie & Willem were married at the magnificent St Marys Redcliffe in Bristol and had their reception at the awesome Circomedia, a converted church that is now a circus training school.  They are one of the nicest most down to earth couples you’d ever meet, so relaxed and easy around each other, they just broke out into smiles when ever they were together.  It was so sweet to be around.  So their day really did represent them and had a real relaxed, fun and close-knit celebratory vibe, with lots of family involvement.  Sophie’s bridesmaids were her sister and Willem’s two sisters and Willems bestman & groomsmen were made up of his brother and mates from high-school and Uni.  Willem & Sophie’s mum both did the readings, with Willems parents both singing in a choir performance.  The night also ended with Sophie sister’s band heading things up on the dance floor.  So there was a real strong family thread throughout including a homemade cake table.  Of course I didn’t want to offend anyone so made sure I tasted all of them…..hey, you’ve got to be fair!!! lol  Congratulations Sophie & Willem and thanks for letting me be part of such a great occasion….here’s a few from the day….enjoy!

Circomedia Wedding Photos-3Circomedia Wedding Photos-5Circomedia Wedding Photos-6Circomedia Wedding Photos-2SS001Circomedia Wedding Photos-9Circomedia Wedding Photos-10Circomedia Wedding Photos-11Circomedia Wedding Photos-13Circomedia Wedding Photos-14Circomedia Wedding Photos-15SS002Circomedia Wedding Photos-58Circomedia Wedding Photos-19Circomedia Wedding Photos-20Circomedia Wedding Photos-21Circomedia Wedding Photos-22Circomedia Wedding Photos-23Circomedia Wedding Photos-24Circomedia Wedding Photos-26Circomedia Wedding Photos-27Circomedia Wedding Photos-28Circomedia Wedding Photos-25Circomedia Wedding Photos-29Circomedia Wedding Photos-32SS003Circomedia Wedding Photos-33Circomedia Wedding Photos-35Circomedia Wedding Photos-36Circomedia Wedding Photos-37SS004SS005Circomedia Wedding Photos-49Circomedia Wedding Photos-47Circomedia Wedding Photos-45Circomedia Wedding Photos-48SS013SS011SS007SS008Circomedia Wedding Photos-62Circomedia Wedding Photos-63Circomedia Wedding Photos-65Circomedia Wedding Photos-64Circomedia Wedding Photos-61Circomedia Wedding Photos-60Circomedia Wedding Photos-81SS006Circomedia Wedding Photos-68SS009Circomedia Wedding Photos-73Circomedia Wedding Photos-75Circomedia Wedding Photos-76Circomedia Wedding Photos-77Circomedia Wedding Photos-78SS012SS010Circomedia Wedding Photos-82Circomedia Wedding Photos-83Circomedia Wedding Photos-89Circomedia Wedding Photos-90Circomedia Wedding Photos-66

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