Josh & Christine – Engagement Shoot Green Park

Christine & Josh reside in Switzerland where Josh works as a Snow boarding instructor and has his own landscape business, and Christine works in something much exciting….insurance! : ) I met them in Green Park where Christine said in her adorable accent “…we don’t want Cheezy Photos…”.  They needn’t of worried as I think they looked great even when they were laughing and mucking about, which was quite a lot because they are such a fun couple to be around.  They met as in Christina’s words when “…I was trapped in the snow and Josh came to rescue me…well not really we met in a pub and I liked his eyes, but that sounded more interesting for your blog!…” Told you they had a sense of humour.  They’ll be having their UK Wedding Celebration in Sept and I can’t wait to be a part of it, here’s some from the day….

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