Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding – Alex & Jenny Wedding


Eleven hours after Alex first met Jenny, on their second date in fact, he went home and scribbled on a utility bill just how special he thought she was, how he was certain this would go the distance. and knew they’d spend the rest of their lives together. He kept that utility bill and then for the first time read it to Jenny as part of his speech to her on their wedding day.  That’s got to put it up there with one of the most impressive speeches I’ve ever heard! It goes some way to show how in love and meant for each other this couple are.  On the flip side as a funny anecdote, Jenny’s mum on first meeting Alex told him to make himself at home and not to worry even if it didn’t work out, he could still stay over!  All of this goes some way to demonstrate just how welcoming and relaxed these awesome people were.  I loved being part of their day, they really made me feel like family and just let me get on with capturing the day.  In fact when I tried to take them out in the evening for some night time shots, they were more up for a group hugging more than any picture.  They were married in the Habour Hotel in Chirstchurch because it was across the bay from Jenny’s parents house.  Needless to say it was an amazing day and I think at one point they must of experienced every type of weather bar snow! Congratulations Alex & Jenny you guys seriously ROCK! Here’s some highlights from their day….


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