Castlefield Rooms Wedding Manchester


Mel & Chris were married in their local cinema the Cornerhouse and had their reception in the Castlefield Rooms in Manchester.  They’re a very cool and laid back couple and that vibe was felt the whole day and allowed everyone to chill relax and enjoy the occasion.  They whole day had a movie theme to it (what did you expect) and family flew in from all over the world including Mel’s dad currently residing in Uganda, friends from Singapore and  Mel’s mum and family from Scotland.  Mel’s a Dundee United supporter….thankfully Chris brings balance to the union by supporting a real team like Arsenal! (Just joking Kevin if you’re reading this ) Speaking of travelling Chris’s dad almost didn’t make it due to life threatening surgery but like the trooper he is, thankfully managed to attend along with Chris’s mum.  Whilst it had a chilled vibe there was still so much going on and many logistics to co-ordinate by the oh so fabulous Andrea from Fabulous Day Wedding Planners.  It would be too much to mention but thankfully she took care of it so we didn’t have to worry about it.  Thank you Mel & Chris for allowing me to be part of your day…’s a few highlights….



  1. Andrea Swift

    Fantastic photos Mick, you really captured the spirit of the day!! Loved working with you too!!

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