Buckinghamshire Golf Club Wedding – Alex & Kate

Kate’s parents have been married for 37 years….37 years? That’s as long as I’ve been alive! I asked them what their secret was and they replied quite modestly that it was patience, understanding, making time for each other and whilst you work hard at your marriage it’s much easier if you marry the right person, as they agreed that “…you’ve got to have that thing….that special something between two people…” and looking at Kate & Alex, Kate’s dad said “…they’ve got it, I can see it…”.  That’s a pretty big compliment but spend some time with them and you’d probably agree.  They have a chemistry, they’re a team, a partnership and you can really sense they’re pulling for each other.  So when it came to their day it was definitely personal and it was definitely them!    They were married at the Buckinghamshire Golf Course in a ceremony filled with emotion, laughter, dancing bridesmaids, colour co-ordinated petticoats, Bob Dylan quotes and guests singing Sonny and Cher.  They then had their reception at Alex’s Dad’s house.  They had a Yurt installed in the backgarden and they and their family filled with it with loads of little personal touches,  a homemade pub (yes you read that right), hog roast, kayleigh dancing, 1950’s style singers, ice cream, a first dance on the front lawn and plenty more!!! It was a very relaxed, fun and awesome day and I loved being a part of it! Congratulations Alex & Kate and thanks for allowing me to be part of your day…..see you in 37 years! 🙂 Here’s some from the day…


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