Avoncroft Wedding Birmingham – Laura & Chris

Laura and Chris were married at  St. Laurence’s Church Birmingham and had their wedding reception at the Avoncroft building museum.  Their day reminded me of the movie ‘High School Musical’ except without the cheese….well maybe a little, but a little’s always good! : ) You see Laura and Chris met at high school and all their bridesmaid’s and groomsmen and a lot of their guests also grew up with them.  At one point in the evening Chris even preformed with his band made up of…yep…their high school mates.  I think there’s something amazing about a group of people with such a shared history celebrating such milestones in life and it was the same case here.  It also helps that Laura and Chris are an AWESOME couple as well as all their family and friends. It rained all day but that didn’t knock anyones spirits they just got on and enjoyed it and made the best of everything and I loved that about them.  Yes I could talk about how the venue was amazing, the details were cool, the vicar was hilarious (even pulling out a pint of guinness as a sermon illustration) Chris’s dad and uncle dressed up as Mick jagger and joined him for a song, how fantastic Laura and Chris looked but above all that the one thing I’ll remember most (a part from the amazing cup of tea in the morning!) was just how in love and happy they as a couple were just to be able to celebrate the day….told you a little cheese was good!….congratulations Laura & Chris, thanks for letting me be a part of your amazing day, and treating me like a guest and a friend….you guys ROCK!….here’s a few from the day….

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