Anita & Deji

One night Anita gets dragged along to a club, she doesn’t want to go but reluctantly agrees.  That night Deji sees this ‘classy chick’ walk in.  He knows, in his own words, that she ain’t going to be settling for no cheap glass of wine! So he offers to buy her an expensive glass of….trouble is Anita’s having none of it – she doesn’t even want to be there.  So when Deji asks for her number, not once not twice but for a few hours, Anita finally snaps and well she storms out! But Deji follows, and even though its raining Anita won’t accept Deji’s offer of a lift home, whilst she waits for a cab Deji keeps on persisting. Cab finally comes Anita jumps in hoping to speed away but Deji blocks the door, “…Please give me your number…” Anita’s like ‘…no, you give me yours and I’ll call you…”.  Deji “…no you won’t!…”.  At this point looking at this guy in the pouring rain after a whole night of persistance Anita thinks that this guy might actually be genuine and relents.  Deji says to the cab driver ‘…get here home safe because I’m going to be calling her!…” with the widest grin possible.  Now Deji, doesn’t wait till the next day, no, he actually calls her whilst she’s in the cab and he’s going home and it turns out they both go to the same Uni, in the same year so they agree to meet. From that moment on they’ve were inseparable and 2 degrees, 2 kids and 6 years later they’ll be getting married in Sept.  For their engagement shoot  we decided to shoot around the Westbourne Park and Paddington area, because that’s where Anita grew up and near where they’ll be getting married. Here’s a few from the shoot, and we started in an underpass of all places! Enjoy!

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