Tower Bridge Wedding – Megan & Obe

Tower-Bridge-Wedding-Photos--01I’ve got to say I’d been looking forward to Megan & Obe’s wedding for a while because not only did they have a kicking reception party on a Thames River Boat, they got married on Tower Bridge….Tower Bridge!!! I felt like a kid as we took the lift and climbed the stairs to the highest point in the tower to over look some stunning views of London.  They also got brilliant weather too (can you believe this is November?) which was brilliant for all their guests from all over the globe even as far away as Australia.  It was a wonderful day and topped off with stunning night river views as the boat pulled into the harbour at the end of the night.  Thank you Megan and Obe for allowing me to be part of such an awesome experience and day… guys are FAB!!! Here’s a few highlights….Tower-Bridge-Wedding-Photos--17_DSC0056


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