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Three simple options to improve your rankings today....

As full time professional London Wedding Photographers and Videographers we have captured nearly 400 weddings, spoken at over 10 conferences and workshops, been asked by hundreds of people for help and advice, it's time to start MIKI Education! This isn't just for photographers, this isn't just for videographers, this is for any creative in any industry who wants to be the best version of themselves.

We are both super proud to have had a huge amount of success in both our personal and wedding photography and wedding videography careers. Winning many top gongs in both photo and film, shooting weddings all over the UK and many destinations weddings. Building and maintaining a six-figure  turnover business.

If you know either of us you will know that we are both really passionate people that loves to help and support other people. It is because of this we wanted to move into education and mentoring others in both the art of photo and/or film but also how to run and manage a success business; we can cover anything from creating a brand to teaching photographers how to film weddings.  we love sharing our knowledge with other creatives and small businesses. Or building passion from the ground up in those that are looking to take the plunge on a new business or boost their current business to a new level. 

We have trained many photographers and videographers over the past few years through workshops, conferences (Elevate, Ninedots, Masters of Wedding Photography), public speaking, online courses or finally mentoring. Through all this, we have developed a skill and framework for educating others to build the best version of themselves as possible and seeing them exceed to their potential - this is where you come in! 

I’ve gone through a few SEO solutions and none have been as comprehensive as Ash’s SEO course. It’s only been a month and my brain has exploded with so much knowledge (in a good way). This is so much more than getting ranked higher. His course teaches you how to rank higher and to keep it there. He also gives you a good kick of motivation to get the oomph back in your business. This is without a doubt, the best value i’ve spent in the 8 years i’ve been in business. If you’re hesitating, don’t. You can thank me later.


SEO for wedding photographers or SEO for wedding videographers program is like nothing you have seen before within the wedding industry. A bespoke approach to either launching a new business, fixing fundentials issues within your current business or ignite your current business.   Each of our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of a season SEO professional, or a new business start up. We will be with you the whole way, supporting and guiding you through the maze that is SEO with easy and support!


Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of both start ups and existing businesses to either kick start their google rankings or boost their google rankings to the next level. We understand what it takes to move from page 3 (or 5) to page 1, position 1, 2 or 3 to better place your business in the viewers browsers to catch their attention. We cannot make them contact you, we cannot make them book you but we can make sure they see you to make an informed decision to fall in love with your work or not!  

SEO can be a confusing minefield, but Ash’s thorough knowledge of current SEO best practice and his ability to convey it clearly and concisely makes this course a no brainer for anyone wanting to improve their SEO skills, and most importantly, Google ranking.
His commitment to helping other photographers with in-depth videos, reports, hang-outs and a mind blowing amount of information makes this course the best in the industry.
Highly, highly recommended.


Wedding photography is an incredibility competitive market place, new (and amazing) wedding photographers are popping up all over the place so it's even more important to generate as much footfall to your website as possible.

Ensuring you have SEO for wedding photographers like ours is like having a prime shopfront on a busy high street for local business. Simply put the more footfall the more likely people will come into the shop, and so the more likely sales will be higher.

The same is true for SEO, the higher up the page your business is, the more likely people will see you and 'enter the shop'. Leading to more enquiries and an increased chance of more bookings.

65% of all traffic goes to position 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions on page 1 for any search term. If you not in one of those prime positions, you are probably not going to get the same amount of traffic that will generate the bookings your business needs compared to position 1,2 and 3 and If you’re not on page 1, the traffic falls to a point that is almost not worth having - less than 1% of people click 'next page'.

You can see for example, if you are building good SEO for “your favourite venue wedding photographer/photography” anyone getting married at that venue searching for a wedding photographer or photography from that venue is more likely to click on positions 1, 2 & 3 of page 1 for any results that come up. Meaning if that’s you then the more likely you are to gain bookings from that search term.


How do you select the best key search term for your main homepage?

How do you know which selection of words will drive the most traffic?

Do you know how to correctly monitor where on Google you are for your main keyword?

Do you understand Domain Authority, how to improve it and its effect on rankings?

How to create content that will engage clients and compel them to stay on your site and have a look around?

Do you know how to link build effectively and efficiently.


SEO Edge showing position 1
SEO Edge showing position 1
SEO Edge showing position 1
SEO Edge showing position 1
SEO wedding photography
SEO to me was a foreign language, something I’d always ignored as things so far had been going pretty well. With some spare time I decided to try future proof my business with taking a look at SEO. Ash has been so open and knowledgeable, he’s been an open book on the things that have worked for his business and things I simply didn’t know existed. It’s weirdly addictive and seeing results make it all worthwhile. I highly recommend Ash if you’d like to improve your business and rank your website higher. Money certainly well spent.
Highly recommended!


Let's all agree on one thing - SEO is like learning a new language. It can be very hard to know where to start, very daunting, completely overwhelming not to mention time-consuming and then when things don't work out as you expected can be completely deflating!

Have you ever spent hours on 'SEO' only to check the results the following day/week and you dropped another 10 positions..... Then you undo what you did the day before to find you slip another 10 places! Have you started doing SEO but it feels like nothing seems to change or you might seem to see a slight improvement over time only for all those gains to disappear once Google releases a new update?  It can be all very discouraging and overwhelming and this all leads one thing, doing nothing and you continue to fall through the pages or seeing no improvement. All the while other businesses seem to be bombing up the rankings and passing you by.

Add to that SEO is changing all the time and Google is constantly tweaking the way it views and ranks websites, so if you're not up to date with the latest thinking you are probably missing out. Something you were doing that worked last month could actually have a detrimental impact now.
SEO education
When I saw that Ash from Miki Studios was offering an SEO mentoring course, I jumped on it and signed up. Ash has a proven SEO track record, and Miki Studios ranks on the first page for their primary keywords (usually number 1 too). I knew this was an excellent opportunity to improve my SEO. Ash teaches SEO in a fun, friendly and easy to understand style, and even the more complex concepts are simplified in a way that is easily understood. He is clear and thorough in his assessment of how to have a more effective SEO strategy, catered to each individual (business).
I highly recommend you sign up and start improving your SEO today!

A framework that’s worked for us even in the busy times!

In the past, I would try to work on SEO whenever I had some downtime but with a busy season and then the offseason for family time and catching up - it always felt like there was never any downtime! Consequently, my work on SEO was very sporadic. Which meant I never really saw much improvement, which meant it was hard to be motivated to do it! Sound familiar?

I realised I needed to create a system that would become an extension of my everyday general workflow throughout the year. Then as I gave a little time to it each week as part of my natural process It would then help me see great long term results. I’m glad to say that’s what I have created and it’s worked for us!

Currently, MIKI Studios is Page 1, position 1, for 35 search terms, 18 pages are position 2 and 8 pages are position 3. All using this approach so we know it works. It's worth noting these are high volume search terms for prime London and UK wedding venues, not minor low volume terms. It's also worth mentioning we have many other terms that are 5th, 8th, 10th, 20th, 50th...... etc but they are all improving week on week (patience is the key). This is the system I’d love to share with you to help you to nail SEO for your business.
Best wedding photographers to learn from
Best wedding photographers to learn from
Best wedding photographers to learn from
Ash's SEO Masterclasses has been just that. I started with very little knowledge in the world of SEO but learn very quickly the value of it and how to apply it to my work and workflow. Ash's ability to educate people at all levels means that regardless of your knowledge he has the ability to educate and the ability to teach all. Doing this course has made a fantastic impact for my online presence which is continuing to grow.


3 month program


3 months of LOCAL SEO reporting

Google SEO health check (MOT)

Full technical audit and check of your website with actionable tasks to improve health.


6 month program


6 months of industry leading SEO reporting

Google SEO health check (MOT)

Full technical audit and check of your website with actionable tasks to improve health.

Citation tracking and suggestions to build local authority

Top 10 Optimisation report for homepage + 2 additional pages

Access to our 100 must have free back-link list

Access to our weekly podcast / video tutorial / newsletter

Monthly 30 minute mentoring call


12 month program


12 months of industry leading SEO reporting

Google SEO health check (MOT)

Full technical audit and check of your website with actionable tasks to improve health.

Citation tracking and suggestions to build local authority

Top 10 Optimisation report for homepage + 5 additional pages

Access to our 100 must have free back-link list

Access to our weekly podcast / video tutorial / newsletter

Monthly 60 minute mentoring call

Ratings / Recommendation Monitor

Data aggregator submissions

Competitor backlink report

SEO for small businesses


Best wedding photographer mentors
Wedding Photography training
Education for photographers
The double act that is Ash and Mick from MIKI Studios are brilliant.
Full of top tips that you can put into practice straight away. Its like at times they’d stepped right inside my head, raided my brain to tackle the things I have proper issues with (spooky) and come up with ways to overcome them. It's not often you’re inspired on the business side of photography but these guys achieved just that, and were entertaining with it…
A true working bromance in action!
Nadine Van Biljon
SEO for small businesses
SEO for small businesses
SEO for small businesses