Royal Exchange Wedding Photography

Being a London wedding photographer we get the opportunity the capture some amazing wedding in some pretty amazing places, however, today was another level – A Royal Exchange wedding. Now, this is probably a venue you haven’t considered as a wedding venue but believe us, this is a wedding venue like no other. So much so, we couldn’t create a list of our top 30 wedding venues of all time without having the Royal Exchange listed!

I cannot talk about this wedding without mentioning the award-winning photography we captured from this wedding. Yes, I am talking about the Fearless award we won from when Frankie’s mom and dad saw her for the first time…. This was the first fearless award for us so it will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Frankie and Andrew’s wedding was exactly 350 years to the day since the Great Fire of London…. That said, the extreme heat and endless emotion from Frankie and Andy’s wedding and their friends and family could very well have reignited another fire great fire today!

The magnificent Royal Exchange is steeped in history, class and elegance and situated in the very heart of the City of London was the backdrop to this fusion of Italy verse Irish families – Boy, do they like to PARTY!

Both sets of families made my job so easy – I can honestly say it was a pleasure to be part of such an AWESOME wedding – you guys ROCK! Here is a very small selection of my personal favourites.

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