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As a photo and film studio, we capture many weddings abroad but returning to France to capture weddings never gets tiring. If there is one region within Italy that screams wedding more than any other it's Provence. Wedding photography in Provence is a photographer and videographers dream, with clear crisp light, stunning backdrop and venues that know how to hold a wedding. Guests always have an amazing time at your wedding in Provence as you feel like a million dollars walking through the towns stopping off at the local cafe for a glass of cold fizz and not to mention the food!

We always love returning to be Provence wedding photographers and filmmakers.  How could anybody not love returning to this stunning region of France?  Its perfect climate, breath-taking landscapes, amazing architecture, art and culture and of course the uber-chic Cote D’Azur (French Riviera) make it the perfect destination for a wedding in France.  

Clearly, we believe weddings in Provence are second to none but I am sure you are starting to feel a little fatigued about where to hold the wedding? So we are going to talk about the Top 5 reasons to get married in Provence.

So, if you’re considering choosing Provence for your wedding and need just a little more persuading (we find it hard to imagine anybody would need persuading to get married in Provence), here are our top five reasons why you should choose Provence for your wedding.  


The number reason to have a Provence wedding is because of the climate.  Provence enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters, dry and hot summers and more than 300 days of sunshine every year.  This is just as well as since this region is known for its spectacular views of the most jaw-dropping landscapes you’re going to want to be outdoors on your wedding day.  If you want maximum sunshine then choose to have your wedding from the end of June to mid-September.  And a wedding set on the coastline will of course offer you and your guests some light breeze to stop you all feeling too hot.  

Though it's fair to say that the mild climate makes Provence an ideal wedding location for any time of the year.  

When we capture Provence wedding photography, we love the fact that Provence offers us so much gorgeous sunshine to work with.  Whether it’s capturing our couples in a romantic walk by a lavender field, set against the dappled sunshine of early evening, or walking along a beach or posing for a sunset image in front of the Mediterranean Sea.  

Provence wedding bride and groom


Provence has everything, the stunning Alps mountain range, rolling vineyards, olive groves, pine forests and those world-famous lavender fields.  And of course, a shoreline to die for.  Add to those vibrant cities, chic seaside towns and picture-perfect traditional French village, your Provence wedding photographer will love you forever for all the amazing photographic opportunities...

When we capture Provence wedding photography and film, we love the way Provence’s diverse landscape offers so many styles of wedding, you can go for a fairy-tale chateau wedding, the rustic charm of a French farmhouse, a dramatic medieval abbey, the adventure of getting married up a mountain or an upmarket luxurious wedding on the unashamedly glamorous Cote D’Azur. 

Provence videographer with bride and groom at sunset


I’ve mentioned it above but it definitely warrants its own spot in this blog.  Otherwise known as the French Rivera this stretch of Mediterranean coast includes the elegant towns of Nice, St Tropez, Cannes and though technically a sovereign state, Monaco.   All of which have the most exclusive and luxurious wedding venues in Provence with spectacular views of this famous stretch of coastline.  Cote D’Azur has long been known as a millionaire’s playground so expect to see luxury yachts moored in the pretty harbours, supercars parked along the promenades and every luxury brand shop imaginable in these uber-chic towns.  

When we capture Provence wedding photography and film, we love to take our couples for a mini photo shoot to capture gorgeous portrait images of them particularly as the sunsets over the Mediterranean.  And of course, we always love capturing those iconic Cote D’Azur harbour images after dark, all lit up with twinkling lights across the promenades, fairy-lit courtyard restaurants and bars, all set against the moonlight and stars reflecting off the shimmering sea.  

bride and groom during ceremony first kiss in Provence


Provence has a fascinating history that can be enjoyed through its amazing art and architecture.  Known for its contemporary art there are many art galleries and museums to explore.  It also has a lot of Roman remains and archaeologically sites that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.  It has religious architecture in the form of cathedrals, medieval abbeys and colourful churches and chapels.  There are historically significant alpine fortifications and some of the prettiest villages in France.  

Many of these amazing locations and buildings also double as beautiful wedding venues.  Allowing you to get married at a location that has a fascinating history and will of course look amazing in your Provence wedding photography. 

When we shoot Provence wedding photography and film we love capturing images of our couples in front of traditional buildings made of local stone.  The rustic charm of the light stone set against the elegance of the couple makes for beautiful images.  

Best Provence Photographer


There are daily direct flights from most UK airports to Provence that take just over two hours.  And you have a choice of airports in Provence to choose from.  Namely Marseille, Nimes and Montpellier so you can choose whichever is closest to your wedding location.  So, in the space of four hours, you can go from closing the front door of your house to enjoying a cool drink with a stunning view of Provence. 

When we shoot wedding photography in Provence, we like to travel out a little before the wedding with the wedding party.  We find that hanging out a little with our couples and their guests before the day really relax everybody so that when it comes to photographing the wedding everybody is comfortable around us.  When guests relax and let their guard down it allows us to get the very best images possible. 

bride shoe in Provence

I hope this page has been helpful in planning your Provence wedding.  Enjoy finding your perfect Provence wedding venue (how could you not!)  When you’ve found it, you’ll be looking for a Provence wedding photographer and videographer.  Give us a shout,  we’d love to hear about your wedding plans. 


Provence Wedding Photography
Provence Wedding Photography
Provence Wedding Photography

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer or videographer in Provence we would love to hear your story and your plans. Our offering is totally bespoke so we will respond individually to your enquiry with a tailored package for your wedding. No two weddings are the same and therefore no two response are the same. We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach and we believe it shows through in our work. When you look at two weddings side by side, they will look and feel different. That’s because we spend time getting to know and understand your personalities so we can deliver something that we will know you and your family and friends will cherish love and enjoy for a lifetime.

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