Le Village Larroque Wedding Photography

Rhiannon and Brutus had their destination wedding in France in Le Village Larroque where Rhiannon’s parents are based.  The only word I can use to describe the day is “gorgeous”.  From the weather to the beautiful French countryside, to the Farmhouse home lovingly restored by Rhiannon’s mum literally brick by brick, to the bond between friends and family that would mean over 100 people travelled across Europe to be there, to the loving homemade touches that made it all so personal, to the historic local Church they were wed, to the sound of the choir made up of their family and friends, to the custom made dress Rhiannon wore to the couple themselves to everything in between it was just a remarkable event.

However, as Brutus is an Army Chaplin and Rhiannon a professional singer being based in Germany yet travelling across Europe working and planning a wedding in France was no mean feat.  Yet with friends and family all helping and pitching in it all came together and standing there under the night sky as people danced away on the homemade dancefloor it was one of those moments where you’re just grateful you get to be part of occasions such as these.

Getting asked to travel and capture wedding photography in Provence means the world to us and we are super grateful for the opportunity, we have captured a few weddings in France before but every time we come back we fall in love with France a little more than before!

Congratulations Rhiannon and Brutus you guys ROCK!!! Thank you for trusting us to just get on and do our thing but more than that for welcoming us in as ‘one of your own’.

Here are some of the highlights from the day….

France Desintation Wedding Photos (5 of 43)


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