Haymarket Hotel London Wedding Photography

When Thashnee and Glen first planned their wedding, it was going to take place somewhere in the rolling hills of South Africa, with beautiful sunshine and scenery.  However life turns and promotions meant a sudden need to relocate to the US and take on a new exciting role with very short notice. This meant suddenly instead of the beautiful vines of South Africa in the Sun they were getting married in London, in Dec in the rain! Whilst this might of thrown some couples from being around them on the day, you couldn’t have told anything was up.  They were just relaxed, smiling and determined to enjoy their day with all their nearest and dearest.  They are a talented but very down to earth couple the kind you could happily go out for a drink with but at the same time definitely have a touch of class about them.  They had their wedding ceremony at Asia House followed by their reception at the Haymarket Hotel in London.  In the midst of it all Thashnee managed to pull a few strings, to allow us to take a few photos outside the world famous Liberty of Regents Street just so we could get a little ‘green’ in there somewhere.  All in all it was a fantastic day full of laughter, a few tears (especially during Tashnee’s brothers speech) and loved ones from all over the world.  Congratulations Thashnee and Glen and all the best for your new life and exciting adventures ahead.  Thanks for allowing us to be part of your amazing day and letting us do ‘our thing’.  you guys ROCK!!! Here’s a few highlights….HayMarket Hotel Wedding Photos -1-2


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